Awaken body bliss, your adventure to create spiritual fitness.

Awaken body bliss, your adventure to create spiritual fitness.

An Immense Experience

Oneness Yoga Challenge

With Sri Preethaji

Awaken body bliss, your adventure to create spiritual fitness


Mystic Secrets of
Soul Sync

With Sri Preethaji

Experience timeless transcendence



Awaken Anahata


With Sri Preethaji

Your heart’s magnetic field connects to

the Universal Intelligence to create miracles

birthing Awakened Child


Awakened Child

Birthing an Awakened Child is now available for parents who want to make the leap to living with conscious intention, raise up awake children that are whole and blissful; play a hand in shaping your child's purpose that will serve humanity. Developing this type of intimacy about their unborn baby during pregnancy by connecting with them through powerful meditation and liberation wisdom has never before been more powerful than now.

What kind of legacy do you want? Do you want your future prodigal son or daughter to be happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals, both spiritually and earthly wayfarers?

True happiness begins at birth among the warmth of family love... Savor these moments as they unfold before birth! Remember that what we see now is only the beginning of the journey.

That is what Birthing an Awakened Child offers you to be able to experience this Divine Drama about your unborn baby's life!

Kailash Satyarti

Kailash Satyarti

Nobel Peace laureate

I am quite surprised Sri Preethaji that at such a young age you have become the champion for peace and humanity, love and compassion.


A movement in consciousness

Across 100 nations of the world

With a mission to awaken


People into liberated beings.

We invite you to join this magnificent movement in consciousness, be an enlightened person walking this planet and impacting global consciousness.


Singer, Songwriter

"I have been very fortunate to have had the privilege of studying directly with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji. Living in a state of beauty and understanding our suffering allows us a better quality of life."

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Casey Sheahan

Casey Sheahan

CEO Patagonia Inc., 2005 – 2014

A process like this would take you to a place where you can address chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that you make better business decisions.



Ekam Online



the movement



your Soul Circle



Global Impact

Erik Solheim

Erik Solheim

Norwegian diplomat & former politician

I am very moved listening to your great speech, To the prayers and to the meditation you did. I think you were absolutely spot on and the real issue of targets on relationships to our mother earth.