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Oneness Yoga Challenge

Experience the greater dimension of your body’s consciousness

Awaken body bliss, your adventure to create spiritual fitness

Day 1 - Introduction to Oneness Yoga
Day 2 - Asana with perfect breath
Day 3 - Perfection in action
Day 4 - The Royal path
Day 5 - Know your true self
Day 6 - The path of love
Day 7 - Create a magnificent Divine Field


By purchasing the Oneness Yoga Challenge - you have lifetime access to the course. 

This challenge can be taken up both by a beginner to yoga as well as an expert. You build great strength and vitality in your body that would break you free of your physical limitations and expand your body’s potential. Your body would move into a miraculous zone where it can heal and restore itself. 

The Oneness Yoga Challenge would impact your mind, nurture a calm and unagitated mind to live your everyday life in beauty and harmony.

It will enhance your attention span significantly and nurture a more intelligent mind.

Yoga has become an international movement because a lot of research has happened on yoga. 

Yoga doesn't work on segregated muscle groups, it actually activates the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the body, completely slows down, regulates your heartbeat, it regulates your blood pressure. It enhances the feeling of wellness at the same time, in a very healthy organic manner gets your body to its right weight. 

Yoga is definitely not a method to reach size zero. It is about reaching an optimal state of health, vitality, and vigor. It's one of the greatest relaxation exercises for the mind. And I believe that that is why the yoga movement has caught up across the world. 

While most physical exercises are only over a hundred years or a couple of hundred years old. Yoga is a time-tested method taught by sages over 1000s of years. 

Still, we would say that it is only a partial view of yoga that is spreading all over the world. The greater dimension of yoga is yet to be realized. 

To help the world realize the true spirit of yoga is a very dear passion to Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, Co-creators & Co-founders of Ekam. That's why they have launched the Oneness yoga challenge. So you can experience body bliss.

Welcome to the experience along with your family & friends.