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Oneness Yoga - Chakra Power - Holiday Offer (50% off) 49 USD/- (Available for a limited time only)

Oneness yoga challenge for chakra power for 45 minutes each day of the challenge will give you 7 results.

Day 1: You will bring greater stability and strength into your muscles and into your approach to life.

Day 2: You will bring a greater vitality on to your mat and into your everyday activities.

Day 3: You will feel a beautiful release of stress and move into deep relaxation. 

Day 4: You will bring greater love to your body on your mat and greater care for living beings.

Day 5: You will become more attuned to the flow of spiritual currents in your energy body, and flow with greater ease in challenges.

Day 6: You will experience awareness in your  yogic  movements and stillness during your meditations.

Day 7: You experience oneness between your body and state of consciousness. The spirit of oneness will flow through every sphere of life.