led by Sri Preethaji

9 Lessons to Prepare You for the Arrival of a Radiant & Joyful Child, From Conception to Birth

The Sacred Journey of Pregnancy


Whether you are planning to have a child or are already carrying a baby, this sacred experience is for you.

Sri Preethaji will share with you timeless wisdom that will help you prepare to birth joyful and radiant babies, beings who are whole, blissful, and who are capable of fulfilling the greater purpose for which they are entering the earth plane.

You will discover your sacred mission in birthing a new generation of children whom mother Earth, the world needs today.

This journey is relevant to the father of the child as well because your child is going to draw its essence from both of you. Not only that, embarking on this journey together to birth an awakened child will serve as a great bonding experience between both of you. Single mothers are also welcomed to join us on this journey.

Are you ready for this? 





What You'll Learn & Nurture

BAC is not mere information on pregnancy and parenting.

It is an intuitive process.

It opens you to the invisible mystic planes of consciousness before your child is born into the world.

 Though scientific research and studies trace back the mind of a person to early childhood; modern civilization is still in its infancy in terms of its understanding of the baby’s experience in the neonatal period, birth and the first impressions in the life of the baby.

 Birthing an awakened child is the greatest gift you could give yourself, your family, and the earth.

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Teacher

“For every day spent in suffering is a wasted day, and every day lived in a beautiful state is life truly lived.”

Sri Preethaji, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam – a Movement for transforming human consciousness with millions of followers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is a rare enlightened sage who impacts her students not only through her wisdom but through the power of her consciousness. As the co- Founder of Ekam, Sri Preethaji has created numerous courses, processes and retreats leading millions on profound journeys into awakening.

Learning from Sri Preethaji is a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness for a new life.